Thursday, August 30, 2007

Real story, Just for fun

Colin came home from the pub late one Friday evening stinking drunk, as he often did, and crept into bed beside his wife who was already asleep.

He gave her a peck on the cheek and fell asleep. When he awoke he found a strange man standing at the end of his bed wearing a long flowing white robe."Who the hell are you?" Demanded Colin, "and what are you doing in my bedroom?".

The mysterious Man answered, "This isn't your bedroom and I'm St Peter".

Colin was stunned "You mean I'm dead!!! That can't be, I have so much to live for, I haven't said goodbye to my've got to send me back straight away".

St Peter replied "Yes, you can be reincarnated but there is a catch.We can only send you back as a dog or a hen."

Colin was devastated, but knowing there was a farm not far from his house, he asked to be sent back as a hen. A flash of light later he was covered in feathers and clucking around pecking the ground.

"This ain't so bad" he thought until he felt this strange feeling welling up inside him.

The farmyard rooster strolled over and said, "So you're the new hen, how are you enjoying your first day here?"

"It's not so bad" replies Colin, "but I have this strange feeling inside like I'm about to explode".

"You're ovulating" explained the rooster, "don't tell me you've never laid an egg before". "Never" replies Colin "Well just relax and let it happen".

And so he did and after a few uncomfortable seconds later, an egg pops out from under his tail. An immense feeling of relief swept over him and his emotions got the better of him as he experienced motherhood for the first time. When he laid his second egg, the feeling of happiness was overwhelming and he knew that being reincarnated as a hen was the best thing that ever happened to him...ever!!!

The joy kept coming and as he was just about to lay his third egg he felt an enormous smack on the back of his head and heard his wife shouting.

"Colin, wake up you drunken idiot, you're shitting in the bed"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Your craze ORKUT'S revenue!!!!!!

Orkut is a social networking site run by Google and named after its creator, Orkut Buyukkokten a Google employee.

Buyukkokten a Turkish software engineer, developed ORKUT as an independent project while working at Google. It was launched on January 2004.

So whats the kind of revenue Buyukkokten earns when some one registers with ORKUT and do various other activities.

Action by user Earning in $
Registering 12
For adding soomeone as a friend 10
Friends friends adding you 8
Anyone adds you as friend 6
For each scrap 5
For each photograph 200
Adding a friends in crush or hot list 2.5
Becoming a fan 2
For logging out 1
For changing profile photo 0.5
For reading scrap & viewing friends list 0.5

Friday, August 24, 2007

How to access blocked websites

Most of us would have faced a situation in our company or college or school where few sites have been blocked for safety reasons.

But in few instance we may need to access the blocked sites for information sake.

Here are the tricks to access those blocked sites in case of emergency.

Trick 1: Using Google Translation

The Google Translator (also called as Google Language Tools) can be used to access the blocked sites. The Google Translator is used to translate pages from one language to another language. You can surf the blocked web pages by translating them from English to English(or any language which you desire).

Below is the link to access the blocked sites using translator. com/translate? langpair= en|en&u=WEBSITE

Example: com/translate? langpair= en|en&u=http://allurneedz. blogspot. com

NOTE: Replace the word WEBSITE with your favourite site address.

Trick 2: Google Mobile Search

Google Mobile search service translates HTML pages to mobile phone browser compatible by removing style sheets and java script. You can use this service to browse the web pages in text only format.

Below is the link to access the blocked sites using translator. com/gwt/n? u=WEBSITE

NOTE: Replace the word WEBSITE with your favourite site address.

Example: com/gwt/n? u=http://allurneedz. blogspot. com

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do Mens have Menopause????????????

It is believed that men can have it all the time and at any age.

But scientifically it is proven that the biological clock ticks even for men.

Technically men don't have menopause as such, but they do under go a Menopause kind of changes called "Andropause" (described in medical literature in the 1940's) which can be identified by symptoms similar to women.

The impact of decreasing androgens is known as andropause, also called "male menopause" or PADAM – Partial Androgen Deficiency in the Ageing Male.

Unlike women, men do not have a clear-cut signpost such as the cessation of menstruation to mark this transition. Both, however, are distinguished by a drop in hormone levels.

At the age of 30, the testosterone levels in men start to decrease by 1% every year. Every man is affected by this Andropause but it can be easily noticed with the men having low testosterone level.

A recent of World Health Organization (WHO) report, states that “male androgens progressively decline with age.” The study tested androgen levels at age 25 and by age 70, androgen levels were only 10 percent of what they were during youth.

It is estimated that 30 percent of men in their 50s will have testosterone levels low enough to be causing symptoms or putting them at risk.

In the Andropause period men seem to have

  • Low sex drive
  • Emotional, psychological and behavioral changes
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Increased upper and central body fat
  • Osteoporosis or weak bones and back pain
  • Cardiovascular risk

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sense SEX

In the century of competition and corporate importance we don’t have time to take care of our feeling and emotions, which is directly linked to the art called SEX.

The term SEX itself is pretended to be a word of sin overtly, which is not the case if we approach it personally.

Every individual loves SEX than anything else, but what creates the problem is the zeal & fame towards money, life style, etc. Since most of us concentrate on these things the interest towards lovemaking has decreased gradually, which ultimately results in dissatisfaction, boredom, and depression.

As a result the entire nation’s talent is getting flawed because of the causes created by individuals.

Being the birth place for the SEX guide “Kamasutra” India faces a lot of problems in terms of sex whether both before & after marriage.

Various surveys across the country reveal that there is alarming number of premarital sex is happening in the country between Teen’s and 20s. Few surveys also revel that in India SEX life after marriage is not appreciable when compared to the people across the globe.

Lack of SEX or unsafe sex both result in a trauma both for the individuals as well as for the nation as a whole. The need of the hour is to get clear awareness regarding sex and its importance to your life.

Survey conducted by Durex and kamasutra reveals alarming facts about our people attitude towards sex.

In metros

36% have sex less than 6 times a week.

31% have sex twice a week.
10% having sex every day.

22 % make love less than once a month.

Nearly 2/3rd of the respondents are satisfied with their sex partner/spouse.

26% of the respondents said they rarely or never use condoms while having sexual intercourse.

46% of the respondents ‘Agree’ that ‘Condom diminishes pleasure during sexual intercourse’.

54% of the respondents ‘Disagree’ that ‘It is normal to be attracted to a person of the same sex’.

18% of the respondents said they were attracted to a person of same sex.

23% of the female respondents said they were attracted to a person of same sex.

Nearly 50% of the respondents across Metros & Non-Metros have indulged in sexual relationship with a person of same sex.

An average of 72 % of people wants more sex, which comprises 62 % of women and 82 % of men.

34 % of women fantasize about lesbian sex, compared with 14 % of men who have gay fantasies.

At present, 22% of the respondents are not indulging in sexual relationship with ‘spouse / regular partner only’.

35% of the married respondents said they are currently involved with sexual relationship with ‘One more partner’ besides their spouse / regular partner.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Celebrating India's 60th Independence day!!!!!!!

Hi Friends,

It’s our 60th independence on 15th August 2007.

Instead of propagating India’s achievements and inability among our people and the world, I request all of you to take few minutes and think what you alone can do to add a feather in mother India’s hat.

Wish you all happy Independence Day.

With Regards
All Ur NeedZ

Saturday, August 11, 2007

World's oldest photo

The world's oldest known photograph was made in 1825 by Nicephore Niepce, who invented a technique known as heliogravure.

By coating a copper plate with a kind of light-sensitive bitumen, Niepce found he could take a negative imprint of an image and use that to create a new picture - the first photograph.

Friday, August 10, 2007

International symbol of Marriage (Approved by Human rights)

After 5 years of long discussion "The Commission of human rights" has approved the new international "Symbol of marriage"

NASSCOM report of TOP 20 Indian companies

NASSCOM (The National Association for Software and Services) conducted a survey on June 2006 to identify the top 20 Indian head quartered IT/ITES companies for the financial year 2006 - 2007. The survey is conducted among NASSCOM member companies whic accounts of 95% of Indian IT/ITES industry.

Another study by NASSCOM also reveals that IT/ITES industry has created 7.5 Million jobs both directly and indirectly, the figure is also expected to cross 100 million by 2010.

Below is the list of top 20 Indian companies

Rank Company
1 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
2 Infosys Technologies Ltd.
3 Wipro Technologies Ltd.
4 Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
5 HCL Technologies Ltd.
6 Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
7 I-flex Solutions Ltd.
8 Tech Mahindra Ltd.
9 Perot Systems TSI (I) Ltd.
10 L&T Infotech Ltd.
11 Polaris Software Lab Ltd.
12 Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
13 Mastek Ltd.
14 Mphasis BFL Ltd.
15 Siemens Information Systems Ltd.
16 Genpact
17 i-Gate Global Solutions Ltd.
18 Flextronics Software Systems Ltd.
19 NIIT Technologies Ltd.
20 Covansys India Ltd.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Facts about your body

  • In a year your heart beats 40,000,000 times.
  • In one hour, your heart works hard enough to produce the equivalent energy to raise almost 1 ton of weight 1 yard off the ground.
  • Your lungs inhale over 2 million liters of air every day, without even thinking.
  • Your blood is on a 60,000-mile journey.
  • The average human will pump 48 million gallons of blood in their lifetime.
  • Your eyes can distinguish up to 1 million colour surfaces and take in more information than the largest telescope known to man.
  • On an average your eyes blink 6,205,000 times each year.
  • Your sense of touch is more refined than any device ever created.
  • When you touch something, you send a message to your brain at 124 mph.
  • Your brain is more complex than the most powerful computer and has over 100 billion nerve cells.
  • You give birth to 100 billion red cells every day.
  • 50,000 of the cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells, all while you have been reading this sentence!!!!!!
  • You use an average of 43 muscles for a frown. You use an average of 17 muscles for a smile.
  • You have over 600 muscles.
  • You exercise at least 30 muscles when we smile.
  • You are about 70 percent water.
  • You make 1 litre of saliva a day or 10,000 gallons in a lifetime.
  • Your nose is your personal air-conditioning system: it warms cold air, cools hot air and filters impurities.
  • In 1 square inch of skin there lie 4 yards of nerve fibers, 1300 nerve cells, 100 sweat glands, 3 million cells, and 3 yards of blood vessels.
  • Each square inch of human skin consists of 20 feet of blood vessels.
  • In one square inch of your hand you have 9 feet of blood vessels, 600 pain sensors, 9000 nerve endings, 36 heat sensors and 75 pressure sensors.
  • You have copper, zinc, cobalt, calcium, manganese, phosphates, nickel and silicon in your bodies.
  • Your body contains enough Sulphur to make 2,200 match heads, and enough Water to fill a ten-gallon tank.
  • Scientists have counted over 500 different liver functions.
  • The structural plan of a whale's, a dog's, a bird's and a man's 'arm' is exactly the same.
  • You have 45 miles of nerves in the skin of a human being.
  • Nerve im pulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles per hour.
  • Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.
  • Every 2000 frowns create one wrinkle.
  • Every person has a unique tongue print.
  • You burn 26 calories in a one-minute kiss.
  • A sneeze zooms out of your mouth at over100 m.p.h.
  • If you were freeze-dried, 10% of your body weight would be from the microorganisms on your body.
  • Your ears and nose continue to grow throughout your entire life.
  • The tooth is the only part of your body that can't repair itself.
  • Your brain generates more electrical impulses in a single day than all of the world's telephones put together.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

How to create Shutdown icon in your desktop

Mostly we use the start menu to shutdown the system, which we find it tedious.

Here is the other way to shut down your system in a single click through the desktop icon.

Follow these steps to create the desktop icon

  • Right click on any empty desktop spot.
  • select new and then select shortcut.

  • Type the location of the file name mostly it will get stored in (C:\WINDOWS\system32\syntax) for XP directly type shutdown followed by a space and -s

  • Click next and give a file name to this icon.
  • Click finish.
  • An icon with your favorite file name will be there in your desktop.
  • Just double click this icon your system will shutdown in 30 second.
NOTE: This is forced shutdown so wjhen ever you click this icon without saving your file all the data you left halfway will get erased.

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