Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Though i was into business in the early stage of my career, nothing went well as per our plan. Because of my in experience, i diversified into another business to recover the running cost with a investment more than the current business.

The mistake is not because of the diversification but its because of the getting into another business without analyzing the industry. I got into new business with trust in my friend, but trust and sentiments wont work in business that's the lesson i learn't in this venture.

Though we were running out of cast flow, the operations was pretty good and we are almost completed a year in both the projects and cash flow was really bad because of pending payment from clients.

Add to this worry started getting pressure from my family on the financial part because since its my own business i was taking 50% of my previous salary. Because of cash flow problem nothing was in right direction from my partners, we were not able to end up in a common ground for further improvement and my salary part. It was getting dirty day by day as few of my partners were not professionals.

Finally i requested for 100000 as a final thing because i know where the business is heading and what can i do or the betterment of the same, bu ti felt a drastic change in the behavior of my partners they lost confidence in me.

I felt I am heading in the wrong direction and decided to quit from this venture and came out giving my equities back, but my hungry to be a entrepreneur was burning like fire within me. I have no other option because i got to earn my bread and butter and got to payback the loans which i borrowed to start this venture.

Then i joined in a recruitment firm again, there i learned a lot and should give more credits to my delivery manager there for giving more freedom to me, i had enough time in this assignment which fueled my hunger to look for more ideas to start my new venture.

Did i got the new idea what my next thing????

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