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Part 6 - What the Size of Lips say in our face - www.allurneedz.blogspot.com

Part 6: Lip Size:

Hi friends,

Today we are going to learn the characteristic traits, which we can analyze through the size of our Lips.

The Lip size is further classified into 2 types

i) Big
ii) Small

1) Big

• People with big lips are called talkative.
• These people cants hold a secret for a long time.
• People with big lips easily survive in group.
• Can’t handle things effectively because of talkative nature.

2) Small

• People with small lips won’t discuss their personal life with others.
• Naturally have an attitude to keep the secrets for long time.
• These people mostly follow the principle of “Talk less, work more”.
• They a cautious about all things happens around them.
• Won’t like adventures.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Part 5 - What the Nose shape & Size reveals in our face - www.allurneedz.blogspot.com

Part 5:

Nose Shape & Size:

Hi friends,

Today we are going to learn the characteristic traits, which we can analyze through the shape & size of our nose.

The nose shape & size is further classified into eight types

i) Big
ii) Small
iii) Eagle nose
iv) Helpers nose
v) Nose tip is round
vi) Nose profile going up
vii) Nose profile heading down
viii) Nose profile horizontal

1) Big nose

• People with big nose would like to work on themselves, they hate to receive orders.
• Easily get bored because of doing routine works.
• Like to contribute a lot in all the works they do.

2) Small nose

• These people are often called as safe players.
• Won’t take risk.
• People with small nose can do repetitive work.

3) Eagle nose

• People with eagle nose have the characteristic traits similar to big nose, but with exaggeration.
• Expects more importance.

4) Helpers nose

• These people have a natural tendency to help others.
• Feel more self satisfied by doing charity works.

NOTE: Helpers nose can be identified by noticing a concave with round tip nose

5) Round nose tip

• These people are called nosey.
• To fit to their name they strive to get information.
• Have a tendency to indulge themselves in others.

6) Nose profile going up

• These people easily trust others.
• Often called as non skeptical.
• Easily get caught in trouble because of their trust in others.

NOTE: Nose profile can be identified by viewing the nose in sideways, the profile in the bottom of the nose goes up or down or horizontal.

7) Nose profile heading down

• These people are opposite to the other one.
• They won’t easily trust others.
• Often called as skeptical.
• Ask lot of questions because of their skeptical thinking.

8) Nose profile horizontal

• People with horizontal nose profile have a balanced approach neither skeptical nor belief.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Part 4 - Secret behind the distance between eyes in our face - www.allurneedz.blogspot.com

Part 4:

Distance between the two eyes

Hi friends,

Today we are going to learn the characteristic traits, which we can analyze through the distance between two eyes.

Similar to the eye to eyebrow distance, the distance between two eyes is also classified into two

                 i) Long Distance

                ii) Short Distance

1) Long Distance

                • People with Long distance between their eyes are more
                  tolerant, they can handle external influences without much

                • Usually these people are relaxed in nature.

                • They look for big things.

                • These people have trouble in concentrating for long time.

                • Most of the managers will have big eye distance.

2) Short Distance

               • People with short eye distance are emotionally sensitive.

               • These people get irritated for small things too.

                  eg:- Traffic jams, Teasing, etc

               • Look for small things in all the activities.

               • These people are more focused.

NOTE: The distance between the eyes can be identified by noticing the horizontal distance between the eyes.

             If there is enough space to fix a third eye in between, we can take it Long distance, if not we can take as Short distance.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Part 3 - What the eye - brow distance says in our face - www.allurneedz.blogspot.com

Part 3:

Eye to eyebrow distance

Hi friends,

Today we are going to see the characteristic traits which we can analyze through the eye to eyebrow distance.

The eye to eyebrow distance is of two types:-

i) Big distance
ii) Small distance

1) Big distance

• Similar to their appearance these will take time to build relations.
• It’s better to leave these people alone, rather than pushing them to do something.
• In simple words we can say these people have wait and see approach.

2) Small distance

• People with small distance will make decisions without thinking.
• The general attitude of these people is “they want the things to happen immediately”
• Have to do attitude.
• Most of the sales person may fall in this category.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Par 2 - What the eyebrows say in our face - www.allurneedz.blogspot.com


Hi friends,

Hope you all clear in analyzing a person through his fore head.

Today we are going to see the characteristic traits with the shape of person eyebrow.

The shapes of eyebrows are further classified into types:-

i) Straight eyebrows
ii) Meeting eyebrows
iii) Angled eyebrows
iv) Thin eyebrows
v) Curved eyebrows

1) Straight eyebrows

• These people are logical thinkers.
• Also people with straight eyebrows prefer to go with facts rather than emotions.

2) Meeting eyebrows

• These people will keep on thinking about something, also called as non stop thinkers.
• Usually wont get relaxed easily
• These people tend to have sleeping problems.

NOTE: Meeting eyebrows can be identified by noticing a thin layer of hair flows between two eyebrows

3) Angled eyebrows

• People with angled eyebrows will seek control & authority over others.
• To get mingled with these kind of people better make them feel that they are much important than others.
• These people can be motivated by awarding control to them.

NOTE: Angled eyebrows will look like an inverted “V”

4) Thin eyebrows

• These people are sensitive by birth.
• People with thin eyebrows along with small face features will be more sensitive.

NOTE: While looking at women’s eyebrows make sure that it is trimmed or it’s the natural shape.

5) Curved eyebrows

• People with curved eyebrows are the best to select as a friend.
• These people understand the things with examples and metaphors.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Part 1 of 30 day Face reading workshop


Hi, hope you all understood the term “Face reading or Personology” in my previous post.

Today we are going to explore the parts of face that plays an important role in analyzing one’s face attributes or his character.

As we learnt in our school days in Personology too our face is divided into same parts with few subdivisions in it.

The parts of the face are as follows…

For our convenience we take from top to bottom of our face

i) Forehead profile
ii) Shape of eyebrows
iii) Eye to eyebrow distance
iv) Distance between the two eyes
v) Nose shape & Size
vi) Lip size

vii) Lip nine                                                       

viii) Teeth shape                                          
ix) Shape of chin
x) Height of ears
xi) Ear shape
xii) Ear position
xiii) Protruding cheek bones
xiv) Face line
xv) Face shape

Fore head:

The forehead is divided into 3 parts

1) The straight forehead

a) These people are progressive thinkers (Also called as broad minded).
b) They are undeceives.
c) Usually have problem working under pressure.
d) Mostly intelligent but progressive thinking spoils them.
e) People with straight forehead won’t go to 3rd one before knowing or succeeding in the second task.

2) The slopped forehead

a) Good decision makers.
b) Their response time to any kind of problem is pretty faster.
c) Bad in analyzing things.
d) They jump to conclusions because of bad analyzing nature.
e) Slopped forehead people won’t gel much with straight forehead.
f) Most of the football players will have slopped forehead.

3) The curved forehead

a) The curved foreheads are most creative than the other two.
b) Hate to follow rules.
c) Lack in logical thinking.
d) If the forehead occupies major part of the face, they will be genius.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Face Reading - Personology

Hi friends,

Im planning to conduct a 30 day workshop on "Face reading" through this blog.

Which comes at obsolutely no cost.

In today post Im just giving an introduction about Face reading, based on your support we can continue the 30 day workshop.


"Personology" is a psychoanalytic term introduced by the US psychologist Henry Alexander Murray (1893-1988) to denote a theory of personality and social behaviour in which a person's needs and personality are considered as an integrated whole."

Whatever you try to hide, is written on your face. Yes, it's true, it's not some kind of magic, it has always been there, but you are the one who did lack the required knowledge. Statistical studies showed that there is a strong connection between face features and personality, you may have noticed that people who look alike tend to behave the same or at least have some common behavior.

how accurate is face reading?

When strong statistical research was made the result was that 68 personality traits can be identified from the face features with a high accuracy, up to 70%. And so was the development of the science, face reading.

how to learn face reading(physiognomy or personology)

The best way to learn face reading is by reading about one face feature and see what personality trait does it reveal, and then go test it on the people that you know, then get back to learn another one and so on. although this is a good method, no one do it because every one becomes very enthusiastic about learning and so he reads everything at one time. Still this is not bad, but learning to notice the face features themselves is what needs some training , below are links to every face feature, each link will take you to a page that explains the face feature, how to notice it and the related personality trait .

From tomorrow we can learn in detail about the parts of face......

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Citi Womens Expo

Start Date 06-JUL-07 End Date 08-JUL-07

Event Profile:

Citi Women's Expo is structured to showcase the latest in life style, beauty, health & wellness of today's woman. Its a place for ladies young & mature all over the region to unite in a manner that celebrates the confident feminity.

Exhibitor's Profile:

Profile for exhibit include arts & crafts, automotive, beauty & cosmetics, fashion & accessories, furniture, health & fitness, home decor & accessories, home improvement & remodelling, interior decor & design, jewellery, kitchen products, lawn & gardens, life style, smart home appliances, infant food, toys & wear, hand bags, apparels, watches, make over services etc.

Tamilnadu Trade Promotion Organisation,
Chennai Trade Centre Complex,
Chennai 600 089.

For further details contact 98417 41234.

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