Monday, April 13, 2009

Adopted Police Stations!!!!!!!!!!!

Police Men/Women has been the only professionals working in real odd times, they are the ones who care about the security of public. Whether it is a cyclone, storm or hot sun we can see police professional out there on the road to do their duty and safeguard us.

Hats off to their service to the society except for the few areas like corruption & other things hope they will rectify themselves soon. Since it is a hard profession their stress level is really high because of unscheduled work and their responsibility to respond to all the issues happening in the society.

To take care of these most respected professionals a unique intitiative has been taken by Tamil Nadu police, in which 39 police stations in Chennai will be adpoted by Doctors from both Government and private hospitals to take care of the police men/women and their families Health.

As a trial run this scheme will be implemented in these 39 police stations alone. Based on the outcome the scheme will be extended to other cities of the sate. As part of this scheme doctors will go and visit the police men/women in the respective police stations to create awareness about Health and the diagnosis will be done on various Health illness.

The idea of doctors visiting the police station is a nice move, which creates a close relationship between the police professionals and doctors.

After completing the service to the police people the same will be extended to their family members.

Awesome effort by Tamil Nadu polie department, Lets hope this will serve the needs of the police professionals.

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