Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Big Leap

After finishing my MBA i worked in couple of consultancy firms as a IT recruiter learned a lot there by interacting with as many professional as possible.

While going for a morning walk with my uncle and his friend we just started discussing about how people suffer for doing their routines etc. Days went but we three kept talking about same this everyday, our thinking got aligned in the same line. Though my uncle and his friend more than 15yrs elder than me they liked the way i was interested in starting a business.

Later our discussion went to make it real, we created good business plans everything went well once we are done with our ideas my uncle and his friend proposed pulling all of their friends into the loop as partners, I was hesitant but my urge to start a business made my mind blank without thinking the consequences.

After lot of opposition from my family i managed to start the business with 7 partners including me, it went well in the beginning but nothing was in favor of our business plan. I alone managed the show completely taking a bit of monthly remuneration. We were not able to proceed further because all our business plan was made without any market research.

The entire business plan is made with our assumptions, because of the capital we invested we were able to maintain the show...... the blunder mistake I did which collapsed my business dream will be in the next post............

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Second try

This time I am a post graduate student doing Business Administration to nurture my business dream professionally. Though I studied in a Government college i learned a lot there because of the freedom my college gave to me. After lot of fun and failures in studies i gathered all my friends and to discuss about my business plan.

Everyone was interested and shown interest to discuss, but after sharing the idea everyone hesitated because of the work load involved in it, but I got motivated because everyone shown a clear chit to my idea of starting a A to Z services company, which takes care of all the residential needs of individuals.

Because most of my friends said no to business finally 5 of us ended up in starting something together, in that 2 of my friends know to make paper bags so we decided to do paper bags and it went well till we got some mis understanding among us.

We earned few bucks before completing our studies.

Mistakes I did in this assignment:

* Didn't analyzed much about my partners
* Sticked to my decisions
* Adjusted to what ever my partners said even if I am not convinced

Monday, December 1, 2008

My First Business stint or My first earning

Each one of us have dream of earning our income in our college or school days. My stint of earning my Income started when I was doing my graduation, though i got few ideas i ended up with taking tuition to the school kids.

I opted for teaching kids because of i can spare less time as well i can enjoy my college days, the most funniest thing is I myself a below average student but took the risk of teaching others!!!!

Though i started it casually later my I got lot more interest and started concentrating on my students, there started the problem. Kids like me because I teach in a funny way than the theoretical manner. Because of this i started giving more care for the kids.

Later on i started getting more angry because of one kid who was doing 10th, because of his age he started lying. One day I got real angry because of his lies and slapped him.

The same day i gave a full stop for my tuition classes and again started to roam as a pure college student.........

In the next post will continue with my next business stint.

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