Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Portrait sketches On Demand

Happiest Moment for Art4all..

A friend of mine interested to get his kid photo in an art form. He contacted us to check the possibility, as his main concern was about cost. To respect his wish, our professional artist Portraited the kids picture amazingly.

We delivered it to them on kids birthday, the family members were surprised
to see the sketch. This year birthday remained a memorable for them.

Even it excited us, which gave spirit to provide as one of our service,apart from selling,renting arts.

P.S: Please feel free to reach us vino832004@gmail.com or +91 98417 41234.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The first Pit Stop

After we launch our website, I was into doing a pilot to check the doctors pulse in real, I mean testing their real time interest towards a web based service.

To my surprise with out any feature in website doctors registered with us this proved us again the concept is really good and we can create a change.

But here come the shock to give a stop to our work flow, those 2 techies and myself were working in the same company, my CEO appointed one of team member as the head of Indian operation because of which he got really busy and not able to concentrate in this project as Job is is bread winner the another techie a young chap got frustrated and he too not able to make a decision on this.

I am almost back to day one, still i don't want to leave the project as such some how i felt i will be making it, in another month the company were i worked went to real bad situation and my CEO gave me a option to find a new job in 3 months of time, but i quit in a week and jumped into this project without a single rupee in hand, though i was bit confused i felt this is the right time to take a decision either Entrepreneurial or Job role my mind went to my passion and Im into the project completely.

Its really a pain to be without any income and also not able to proceed much ahead in the project, so to develop the project i need money which i don't have, so the next step is to look for investors to approach them need a proper business plan with more details.

I started working on that whats unique i did in my Business plan

Inida in the Oscars

Slum dog Millianaire though a not a true Indian movie considering the team of DannyBayle and others has bagged 8 Oscars in Kotak theatre, Los angles.

The Indian credit for oscars has been given by our own AR rahman and Resul ponukutty for best Music and Sound Mixing respectively.

Rahman also bags the award for the song "Ja hoo" being the first Indian to get 2 Oscarsm hope this breaks the ice remained so long for Indian Technicains in cine filed.

The other awards for SDM Adapted screenplay, Cinematography, Film Editing, Directing and Best film.

Lets hope for more complete Indian Oscars soon, for sure not a 17 year gap this time....

Friday, February 20, 2009

10 Lessons for Marketers from Barack Obama

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

My Next Idea - What i did on this

Days/weeks/months passed by in my search for the new idea. One fine day still I am not sure how i got the spark, may be because of my bad experiences in our society.

Yes i got my new idea to create a online solution for the complete health care industry, when i shared with my close friends everyone appreciated on the idea, but i foresee a major problem to take the first step I am not a Health care professional nor a techie.

Does this stop me???

Some how my inner heart says proceed with the project, so before jumping into it i thought of doing a market research "learning experience from my earlier mistake" prepared a 10 point questionnaire posted in this blog and got filled by more than 100 users.

By the time I complete the survey i have shifted to another start up IT firm as a HR, because of hectic work schedule project work got struck. almost 6 months gone not able to do anything on the project except for my browsing.

Here comes the recession to slow slow down my work in office and opportunity for me to start the project again, in two months i was almost 100% idle in my office so diverted my concentration in the project, this time i want to analyze how health care professionals particularly doctors react to my idea.

To my surprise i got 100% clearance from both people and by doctors, this gave me more confidence then i discussed with 2 techies and thus gave birth to www.doctorsandmedicines.com awesome starting from no where was able to launch the website. So whats next?????

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Need web designers / Flash and Zend Framework experts

Hi Viewers,

This is S Vinoth Kumar from Chennai, Myself and my team is working on a WEB2.0 portal targeting the Health care industry.

We are a team of professionals who are working on this project to create a change in the Health care industry.

I started this project lonely a year back with idea formulation, now we are a team with few developers and few doctors.

All of us work in various organizations and meanwhile work on this project as we don't have any funding, persons who are supporting me now will be paid once I get funding from venture capitalists or after successful implementation.

To enhance my site visually I am looking for good flash or website designer who can support me towards this project.

You can visit our website www.doctorsandmedicines.com

To speed up our development process we need few more people to work on the the following areas

- Web site designer
- Flash developer
- PHP zend framework experts

If this interests you please feel free to mail me vino832004@gmail.com

S Vinoth Kumar

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